Sake Tasting Event – Wednesday 15th June @ 7:30pm!

Premium sake is the perfect pairing for any food. And equally important to us here at Victualler, sake is made in a traditional way, using only natural ingredients and with no sulphur at all.

The tasting will be hosted by Elyse from Japan Gourmet Ltd., our resident expert in all things sake.

Here is a list of the sake we are going to pour for you, along with their take-away prices:

– Fukuju Awasaki – Sparkling Sake £15
– Toko – Junmai £32
– Ikekame Turtle Red – Junmai Daiginjo  £43
– Rehaku Dreamy Cloud – Nigori style Sake £35
– Amami Umeshu – a very rare, Kokuto Shochu-based umeshu £36

As always, the tasting will be accompanied by charcuterie, cheeses and our homemade sourdough bread.
We also provide a 10% discount on a six bottle mixed case of the sake tasted at the event.

The Vitualler

69 Garnet Street,


Cost: 25 pounds

Book here: