Sake-Pairing Zogene Kiachln & Fukuju Awasaki Sparkling

with crabberries and "sous viden" apples

Zogene Kiachln - with crabberries and

Das passende Pairing Fukuju Awasaki Sparkling

Fukuju Awasaki Sparkling

福寿 Fukuju Awasaki Sparkling

A lively combination of sweet and fresh flavours with fine perlage from bottle fermentation. Low alcohol content and mild acidity.

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Sommelier Suvad Zlatic

Sommelier Suvad Zlatic

The dedicated "Advanced Sommelier and Maître d´Hôtel bei Geigers Posthotel in Serfaus was awarded in 2014 as "Austria's best Sommelier", he also participated...

Restaurant Geigers Posthotel, Serfaus

Restaurant Geigers Posthotel, Serfaus

International and traditional culinary art is skilfully combined and you indulge in a land of milk and honey made of delicious sumptuous creations. The basic...